26 Great Nail Art Ideas – Winter Warmth

Hi! Long time no see! Life has been hectic lately, so nail art and blogging has had to take a back seat. I’m trying my hardest not to get behind with the challenges though! Today it’s the turn of Crumpets Nail Tarts and their 26 Great Nail Art Ideas. The prompt is Winter Warmth, which immediately brought to mind cozy wooly jumpers. So here is my take on a winter wooly.

#26GNAI - Winter Warmth
#26GNAI – Winter Warmth

What I used:

#26GNAI - Winter Warmth
#26GNAI – Winter Warmth

I started with two coats of Eat My Dust, then a coat of Bubblegum. I dabbed on the glitters as they had a tendency to get dragged by the brush. I hoped that the bar glitters would give a fuzzy jumper effect. Next I stamped on a knit pattern from the Pueen plate. Finally a coat of G&G to finish off.

It’s not the most complicated nail art I’ve ever done, but I’m pretty short on time lately!

#26GNAI - Winter Warmth
#26GNAI – Winter Warmth

Click the button below to see what the rest of the Nail Tarts have come up with.

Until next time,


Jo x

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