#clairestelle8may challenge – Weather

Hello! Quick post today. I’m late for this prompt for the challenge because I had to go to a funeral yesterday, and I didn’t think loud nails would be appropriate. And these are colourful! Here’s my weather mani: Continue reading “#clairestelle8may challenge – Weather”

#clairestelle8may challenge – Gradient

We’re on to the final stretch of the #clairestelle8may challenge now, only two prompts left after this one! Today’s prompt is Gradient, which is one of my least favoured techniques because it’s so damn messy and I still suck at clean up! Continue reading “#clairestelle8may challenge – Gradient”

#clairestelle8may challenge – Roses

Another day, another challenge manicure! Today’s prompt for the #clairestelle8may challenge is roses. I love roses, they remind me of my dad who grew about 20 rose bushes in our garden, all different shades. When they were in bloom, it was a riot of colour! My favourite was a beautiful lilac rose bush, it didn’t produce many flowers at once, but the ones it did have were large and smelt amazing. I was often found out there sniffing the roses! Continue reading “#clairestelle8may challenge – Roses”