Jewellery Furkeeps – Sterling Silver Cat Spinner Ring

Hello! Something a little bit different to show you today – last month for my birthday Mr Magpie bought me an adorable silver ring with a cat on it. It came from an small jeweller on Etsy called Jewellery Furkeeps, and they specialise in the cutest animal designs in sterling silver. Pics after the jump!
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52 week Challenge week 6 – Domestic animals

This week the prompts for the pick n mix challenge are domestic animals, and 3 shades of blue. I’m hoping to get both done if I have time – I’m away at the weekend so the blue mani would have to last me a few days… which also means planning my outfits around my nail polish! I’m sure things are supposed to work the other way round… Continue reading “52 week Challenge week 6 – Domestic animals”

W7 ‘Metallic Jupiter’

I’m veering back to the dark and dramatic again today! W7 Metallic Jupiter is another Poundworld find, though they aren’t expensive to start with. Its a very dark (black?) base, packed with holographic particles. In the bottle the colours shimmer through gold, fuchsia, purple, blue and a tiny flash of green. On the nail, I’ve lost the gold but the rest are there, depending on the light.

W7 Metallic Jupiter

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