#clairestelle8may challenge – Weather

Hello! Quick post today. I’m late for this prompt for the challenge because I had to go to a funeral yesterday, and I didn’t think loud nails would be appropriate. And these are colourful! Here’s my weather mani: Continue reading “#clairestelle8may challenge – Weather”

Pond Manicure

Recently I’ve been seeing lots of pond manicures popping up on Instagram and Facebook. A pond mani is made up of a pattern (such as dots, or flowers) alternating with layers of sheer polish. The idea is that the deeper into the mani you look, the darker the pattern is, like looking into a pond. Adventures in Acetone did a great tutorial, you can see it here. Continue reading “Pond Manicure”

Dotted flowers with W7 Sunset Island

A polish addict never sleeps – strolling around the shops in Barmouth today, I found one selling cheap nail polish… I walked out with an OPI, L’Oreal, Ciate and two W7s. One of the W7 was a beautiful shimmery orange – I’ve never wanted an orange polish before but this one called to me! So today, I’ve done some dotty flowers using W7 Sunset Island and Barry M Coconut. Continue reading “Dotted flowers with W7 Sunset Island”

52 Week Challenge week 2 pt2 – Pink!

So here is the second part of the 52 week pick n mix challenge – this week the prompts were three colour gradient or pink. You can see my gradient attempt here. I used pink in the gradient, but I still wanted to do a pink mani too, mainly to try out some ideas.

#52wpnmc 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge - Pink

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Continue reading “52 Week Challenge week 2 pt2 – Pink!”