Making it up as I go along…

Hello! I know many people plan their manicure, having a picture in their heads and then recreating it on their nails. I occasionally work that way (usually when doing challenge prompts) but mostly I work more organically. Which sounds really poncy written down! But it basically boils down to picking a base colour, adding some interest (dry brush, glitter topper, gradient etc) and then maybe … Continue reading Making it up as I go along…

Arcane Lacquer Repeat Caveat

Hello! I’m still away in Cornwall, so here is another post from my archive backlog. Something pretty to look at while I’m stuffing my face with cream teas and pasties! (Not at the same time, of course… well maybe… 😂)

I’ve another untried to show you today, Repeat Caveat from Arcane Lacquer. I bought this from a blog sale a while back, so it’s about time it had an airing!

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Polish Alcoholic Redrum

Hello! Today, as promised, I’ve got pictures of the gorgeous Polish Alcoholic RedRum to show you. I really love red nails, but red polishes don’t tend to inspire me much. I find there is much less variation in reds than in other shades, and makers often seem to play it safe with just the standard red crème in their collections (I’m looking at you OPI!). … Continue reading Polish Alcoholic Redrum