Holiday Nails pt2 – Illamasqua Veridian

Hi! One of the things I wanted to do with my holiday untrieds was to move out of my blue/purple/pink/red comfort zone, and I think this polish does that! Illamasqua Veridian is a blackened dark green shimmer. Apparently, as a strawberry blonde, green is supposed to be my colour, but I’ve never seen it myself, and I tend to shy away from anything green – clothing, makeup or nail polish. The only reason I have this polish is that it came in a duo pack with Glitterati, which I fell in love with last winter. Continue reading “Holiday Nails pt2 – Illamasqua Veridian”

Holiday Nails pt1 – Max Factor Intense Plum & Hits Speciallità Cheesecake

Hi! Today I have pics from the first of my holiday untrieds. Max Factor Intense Plum is a basic purple crème polish, I vaguely remember picking this up when I bought Fantasy Fire as Boots were doing a 3 for 2 offer. It’s quite a small bottle, only 4.5ml, and retails at £4.99, so compared to Barry M, Rimmel and co it’s on the expensive end. Continue reading “Holiday Nails pt1 – Max Factor Intense Plum & Hits Speciallità Cheesecake”

#clairestelle8sept challenge – Marble

Hi! The latest prompt in the #clairestelle8sept challenge is marble. I’m not brave enough to try a water marble just yet, so I wondered how else I could interpret the prompt. I did a bit of googling and found a technique called dry marbling (also drag marbling and needle marbling!) which looked doable. I decided on a blue palette, and started with a coat of … Continue reading #clairestelle8sept challenge – Marble

Hobby Polish Bloggers Fall Linkup

Hobby Polish Bloggers is a Facebook group of nail polish addicts that blog! It’s a great place to ask blogging questions and pick up hints and tips, and every month there is a themed link up. This month the theme is Autumn/Fall. If you’re a nail blogger and you’d like to join, just search for Hobby Polish Bloggers on Facebook. Earlier this week it was … Continue reading Hobby Polish Bloggers Fall Linkup

Polish Alcoholic Redrum

Hello! Today, as promised, I’ve got pictures of the gorgeous Polish Alcoholic RedRum to show you. I really love red nails, but red polishes don’t tend to inspire me much. I find there is much less variation in reds than in other shades, and makers often seem to play it safe with just the standard red crème in their collections (I’m looking at you OPI!). … Continue reading Polish Alcoholic Redrum

I’m Back!

Good morning my lovelies! I’m back from holiday  refreshed and  raring to go. (This is a lie. I’m never raring to go at anything!) Over the past two weeks I have done so much exercise! I climbed a mountain (Merrick, in Galloway Country Park) which was a massive achievement for me, I walked to Britain’s most remote beach (Sandwood Bay, 4.5 miles from the nearest … Continue reading I’m Back!