#whencolourscollide – tone on tone (blue)

Hi! I’ve got the next installment of the #whencolourscollide challenge to show you today. This time round, the prompt is tone on tone (blue), so we had to use at least two shades of blue to make our manis. I thought I’d do some double stamping, and considering I was just playing around, I think it came out great!
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Cupcake Polish Remembering Blue

Hi! A few weeks ago, a Facebook nail group that I am a member of had an Easter bunny swap (think secret Santa, but Easter themed). It was great fun to make up an Easter box, and even nicer to receive one myself! Here’s what I received from my secret Easter Bunny:
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Paint The Rainbow box – Feb 2016 pt. 1

Hi! Today I’m showing you some of the gorgeous polishes from this month’s Paint The Rainbow box. For those that don’t know, Paint The Rainbow is the UK’s first fully indie monthly box, devised by the lovely Annette, the lady behind rainbow-connection.co.uk. All of the polishes in each box are exclusive editions, created especially for PTR. As such, it’s a fair bit pricier than the other nail boxes around at the moment (nailbox and meebox), this one was £45 plus £1 postage. Follow me after the jump to see what I got!
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