#clairestelle8jan Challenge – Clocks

Hello! Another installment in the Instagram #clairestelle8jan challenge today, and the prompt is clocks. I now have well over 150 stamping plates (me? obsessive?) and not one image of a clock face. I really, really didn’t want to freehand anything, so I had to get creative. And then I thought “dandelion clocks!” Luckily I did have a plate for that, and so here are my dandelion clock nails.

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#clairestelle8sept challenge – Marble

Hi! The latest prompt in the #clairestelle8sept challenge is marble. I’m not brave enough to try a water marble just yet, so I wondered how else I could interpret the prompt. I did a bit of googling and found a technique called dry marbling (also drag marbling and needle marbling!) which looked doable. I decided on a blue palette, and started with a coat of … Continue reading #clairestelle8sept challenge – Marble

Danglefoot Nail Polish Bra Off, Hair Up and Essence Black Dress and White Tie

Phew, that’s a long blog post title!

I’ve followed Danglefoot Nail Polish on Instagram for a few months now, but this is the first time I’ve ordered as I could not resist Hayley’s recent release! Bra Off, Hair Up (such a fab name!) is a raspberry crelly holo. As is typical for me, I put on a holo and the sun vanishes. So all pics are indoor, natural lighting. Sorry.

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