Life’s A Beach UK Indie Box

Hi! Today I’m showing you the Life’s A Beach indie box, which contains polishes from three much loved uk indies. This time round, the box has polishes from Danglefoot Polish, Luna Loves Lacquer, and Freckles Polish. Onwards to the pics! Eagle-eyed readers may realise something missing from my pic – unfortunately the Danglefoot polish didn’t survive the journey to my house. Sad face. All is … Continue reading Life’s A Beach UK Indie Box

HPB Presents – My 1st Indie Polish

Hello! It’s time for this month’s Hobby Polish Bloggers link up. Hobby Polish Bloggers is a very friendly Facebook group dedicated to supporting the behind-the-scene bits of blogging – if you have a question about lighting setups, blog layouts, blogging platforms, dealing with manufacturers etc, it is the perfect place to ask! Once a month we have a theme to write about – at the end of this post is a link to other members of the group so you can go and explore.
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Hobby Polish Bloggers Fall Linkup

Hobby Polish Bloggers is a Facebook group of nail polish addicts that blog! It’s a great place to ask blogging questions and pick up hints and tips, and every month there is a themed link up. This month the theme is Autumn/Fall. If you’re a nail blogger and you’d like to join, just search for Hobby Polish Bloggers on Facebook. Earlier this week it was … Continue reading Hobby Polish Bloggers Fall Linkup

Freckles Polish Greek Islands with a blue gradient

Good morning! Today’s nail art was inspired by the base polish, which I bought from another polish addict having a clear out. Freckles Polish Greek Islands is a white crelly base containing various blue glitters. It obviously takes its own inspiration from a Greek holiday – the whitewashed buildings with their blue roofs and doors, along with the blue sky and golden sun, and the … Continue reading Freckles Polish Greek Islands with a blue gradient

#clairestelle8june challenge – Stripes

Hello my lovelies, Happy Saturday! Today is the penultimate prompt in the Instagram #clairestelle8june challenge, and it is stripes. I liked the effect of stamping over a glitter crelly for the last challenge mani, so I thought I’d do something similar for this one. Except this time, I wanted bright and cheerful! Continue reading “#clairestelle8june challenge – Stripes”

Rimmel Ultra Violet and Freckles Polish Glitter Like A Gemini

Rimmel and I have had a love-hate relationship for years now. I have been seduced by so many pretty little bottles, only to try them out and find overly runny, streaky formulas, or thick gloopy messes that end up at the back of a cupboard unloved. They also never seemed to last more than a few hours on me without chipping. I finally gave up and stopped buying them, transferring my affections elsewhere (hellooo Barry M!) Continue reading “Rimmel Ultra Violet and Freckles Polish Glitter Like A Gemini”

Adventures in stamping – featuring Freckles Polish Papa Legba

Another episode in my never ending quest to improve my stamping skills!

My base polish today is two coats of Freckles Polish Papa Legba, which is a brownish-red burgandy colour with a scattered holo. I fail at describing colours. The pics are pretty true to real life though. Continue reading “Adventures in stamping – featuring Freckles Polish Papa Legba”