52 week Challenge week 5 – 80’s!

The prompts for week 5 of the pick n mix challenge are 80’s or 3 dark colours. Since I’ve dodged doing 60’s and 70’s manis, I thought I’d better have a go at this one! The 80’s was the decade that I became a teenager, started and finished senior school, and got my first job, so its pretty memorable! I had a think about what I remembered about the 80’s – lots of bold, clashy colours, electric blue mascara, leg warmers!, Rubik’s cubes, vhs tapes, cassette tapes, Boy George… I could go on for hours. One of my favourite TV programmes was Fame, and that got me thinking about the 80’s dance wear / exercise wear craze – bright leotards with contrasting belts, and shiny Lycra leggings. And leg warmers of course! So this is what I’ve tried to recreate for my 80’s mani. Continue reading “52 week Challenge week 5 – 80’s!”

52 week Challenge week 4 – Grey and colour

Week 4 of the pick n mix challenge is upon us, and I’ve been putting this one off as much as possible! The briefs this week were 70’s, grey and a colour, or a combo of the two. The 70’s didn’t inspire me much – I googled a few patterns which looked OK, but I didn’t have any appropriate colours. I didn’t own a grey polish (unless silver counts?) as I don’t find grey does much for my skin tone. Eventually I caved in, and bought Rimmel Salon Pro Moon. It’s a grey creme. Not finding it inspiring to be honest! Continue reading “52 week Challenge week 4 – Grey and colour”

W7 ‘Metallic Jupiter’

I’m veering back to the dark and dramatic again today! W7 Metallic Jupiter is another Poundworld find, though they aren’t expensive to start with. Its a very dark (black?) base, packed with holographic particles. In the bottle the colours shimmer through gold, fuchsia, purple, blue and a tiny flash of green. On the nail, I’ve lost the gold but the rest are there, depending on the light.

W7 Metallic Jupiter

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Dollish Polish ‘Live Long and Prosper’

I fancied something blue today. No, not a smurf. I picked Dollish Polish ‘Live Long and Prosper’ since I haven’t tried it out yet. Live Long and Prosper is a cornflower blue shimmery crelly, containing gold and blue glitter, and little dark stars. Here it is, three coats plus a coat of of Seche Vite.

Dollish Polish 'Live Long and Prosper'

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52 Week Challenge week 3 – Texture

Week 3 of the 52 week Pick n Mix challenge, and the prompts are 60s or texture/matte. I drew a blank on 60s, so texture it is! I’d bought a couple of Barry M texture polishes recently that I hadn’t got round to trying, so this seemed a good opportunity. I also decided to try a tape mani, which didn’t go as planned.  Oh well.. Here’s the finished result:


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52 Week Challenge week 2 pt2 – Pink!

So here is the second part of the 52 week pick n mix challenge – this week the prompts were three colour gradient or pink. You can see my gradient attempt here. I used pink in the gradient, but I still wanted to do a pink mani too, mainly to try out some ideas.

#52wpnmc 52 Week Pick n Mix Challenge - Pink

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Sally Hansen Lustre Shine range

I’ve been shopping again! I popped into Poundworld the other day and found the Lustre Shine range from Sally Hansen so I grabbed as many as I could find!  They look so amazing in the bottles, I can’t stop playing with them to watch the colours change. There are eight colours in the range, I got six. I need to hunt down the remaining ones!

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine range

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Dollish Polish ‘Love Me Some Pie’

I’ve done a lot of darker manis recently, and after all the blacks, blues and greens I’m craving something more red. I did think about doing pillar box red, because I love me some red nails, the tartier the better as far as I’m concerned! But then my eyes fell on one of the Dollish Polishes that I picked up last weekend, and the decision was made. Say hello to Dollish Polish ‘Love Me Some Pie’.

Dollish Polish 'Love Me Some Pie'

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