Abstract hearts with Freckles Young, Free & Single

Hello! February is well under way now, which means social media and nail blogs will be full of hearts and love themed manis. And of course I have to join in! So apologies in advance, the next few posts will be valentine themed. Hopefully not too sickly sweet though.
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Dollish Polish ‘Love Me Some Pie’

I’ve done a lot of darker manis recently, and after all the blacks, blues and greens I’m craving something more red. I did think about doing pillar box red, because I love me some red nails, the tartier the better as far as I’m concerned! But then my eyes fell on one of the Dollish Polishes that I picked up last weekend, and the decision was made. Say hello to Dollish Polish ‘Love Me Some Pie’.

Dollish Polish 'Love Me Some Pie'

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