Ciate Sugar Plum and Essence Circus Confetti

So apparently spring is here – it’s cold, wet and windy where I am but flowers are out so I’m happy enough πŸ™‚ I thought I’d show you a pastel-y spring-y mani today, done when my nails were longer (sob!)

This is Ciate Sugar Plum, which is a pretty cool-leaning lilac. Mr Magpie bought me one of the Ciate advent calendars for Christmas – I got it on Christmas day rather than the start of December which kinda negated the whole advent part of it, but meant I had great fun opening all the doors at once! Glitter, caviar and mini polishes everywhere πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Ciate Sugar Plum and Essence Circus Confetti”


Missing – presumed hiding under the duvet

Wow – it’s been five months since I posted last! What happened? Well… the short answer is life happened. The long answer – keep reading… 1. Work. I am self employed. My work tends to go in waves, busy busy and then a quieter spell. I hit a busy busy busy period, I barely had time to paint my nails once a week, never mind … Continue reading Missing – presumed hiding under the duvet