The 13% club

I haven’t posted much recently on my weight loss progress, mostly because well, there hasn’t been any! This year, things had been fine, the weight was coming off, I was feeling better and more energetic, and everything was peachy. Then at the start of July I came down with the flu. I spent two weeks feeling crap, shovelling sugar into myself (cough sweets, cough medicine, … Continue reading The 13% club

Missing – presumed hiding under the duvet

Wow – it’s been five months since I posted last! What happened? Well… the short answer is life happened. The long answer – keep reading… 1. Work. I am self employed. My work tends to go in waves, busy busy and then a quieter spell. I hit a busy busy busy period, I barely had time to paint my nails once a week, never mind … Continue reading Missing – presumed hiding under the duvet