Pink Candy Stripes

Hello loves! Today I’m showing you a mani that I made on my Ubermat back in October, it should have gone in the #wearitpink manis but got left out 😦 I think it’s worth showing though, so here it is.
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#wearitpink – pink with dots

Hello! Today I’ve got another pink mani for Breast Cancer Awareness month, which also involved me playing with my new toy the ubermat! I’m planning to do a review post on it soon, so I won’t talk about it too much other to say I LOVE it!

I wanted to try out making decals on the mat, so I dug out a plate with a pattern I could fill in. I discovered that I don’t have many plates with suitable images, so I shall have to buy some new ones. Such a hardship.

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#wearitpink – pink on pink stamping

Hello my lovelies! Today I’m showing a mani I have done for the UK Stamping Community Facebook group. The theme this week is pink stamping – I didn’t know whether that meant stamping with a pink polish, or just to include pink somewhere, so I’ve gone safe and chosen to do pink on pink. And of course, it fits in nicely with Breast Cancer Awareness month.
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