HPB Presents – Glitter Topper

Hi! I’ve finally got time to join in with the Hobby Polish Bloggers theme week for once, it’s been far too long since I’ve managed it! Hobby Polish Bloggers is a really friendly Facebook group, dedicated at all things that go on behind the scenes of a nail blog – from camera issues, to search engines, to platform help. It’s a great resource for any nail blogger. … Continue reading HPB Presents – Glitter Topper

Nails Inc The Tide Is High topped with Richmond Gardens

Nails Inc The Tide Is High and Richmond Gardens

Well, we’re into June, and that means that there must be a new Nails Inc freebie out there somewhere! This month there are four shades to collect with InStyle magazine (£4.99 so pricier than other recent giveaway mags). Only one of the shades appealed to me – The Tide Is High which is a pastel blue/green (seafoam?) creme. There is also a grey, red and pink available. I’ve already got a ton of similar pinks and reds, and I don’t like wearing grey, so I left those behind. Continue reading “Nails Inc The Tide Is High and Richmond Gardens”

Watercolour mani with Sally Hansen jellies

Hello my loves! I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine as much as I am. Everything seems better bathed in sun!

I’ve got another pastel mani for you today. I picked up four of the Sally Hansen Triple Shine jellies from Poundworld recently, then when I got home I looked up some reviews to see what I could do with them. Yes, I know the normal order is to look at reviews first and then buy, but hey, I’ve never been one for normal 😉 I found a review at Nouveau Cheap that had a look I wanted to recreate. Here it is! Continue reading “Watercolour mani with Sally Hansen jellies”

Ciate Sugar Plum and Essence Circus Confetti

So apparently spring is here – it’s cold, wet and windy where I am but flowers are out so I’m happy enough 🙂 I thought I’d show you a pastel-y spring-y mani today, done when my nails were longer (sob!)

This is Ciate Sugar Plum, which is a pretty cool-leaning lilac. Mr Magpie bought me one of the Ciate advent calendars for Christmas – I got it on Christmas day rather than the start of December which kinda negated the whole advent part of it, but meant I had great fun opening all the doors at once! Glitter, caviar and mini polishes everywhere 🙂 Continue reading “Ciate Sugar Plum and Essence Circus Confetti”