#whencolourscollide – Lime Green & Gold

Hi! It’s time for the #whencolourscollide again, a bi-weekly challenge to only use the colours given for your mani. This time its lime green and gold. Have to admit, my heart sank as I really don’t like bright greens. But that’s kind of the point of this challenge, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I had two attempts at this mani, and I’m not … Continue reading #whencolourscollide – Lime Green & Gold

The post where Jo learns to watermarble! (ish)

Hi! I’m so excited! I’ve finally, FINALLY managed to do a sort of successful watermarble! Every few weeks I get the urge to try again, and every time I’ve ended up in a mess, wasting polish and getting frustrated. Eventually I did something sensible and asked in a Facebook group for help. With the advice I received, I’ve managed something resembling a watermarble!
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#clairestelle8june challenge – Colour you don’t normally wear

Hi! Today is the second prompt in the #clairestelle8june Instagram challenge – and one I wasn’t looking forwards to much! Colour you don’t normally wear – well that gives me a few choices. I don’t much like nudes, or really pale delicate shades. Or white. I quite like orange, but don’t wear it. However, I settled on yellow and green, and to top it off, made them neons.
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Model’s Own Chromes – stamping fail :(

Hi! Just before Christmas I visited Birmingham to see the German market, and happened to stumble across the Models Own bottleshop in the Bullring. A whole shop of nail polish! On sale! It would have been rude to have left with nothing, so I picked up a couple of the latest Chrome polishes – Chrome Red and Chrome Turquoise. And then promptly forgot about them until now. The original chromes were great for stamping, so I had high hopes for these too.
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