#DareToBare – Barry M Lychee and Seventeen In The Surf

Recently the hashtag #DareToBare has been all over social media – a publicity campaign by Rimmel London for their new neutral lipsticks and nail polishes. I thought I’d have a go at neutral nails – I’m not usually a neutral girl so I had to add a splash of colour too! Unfortunately for Rimmel, I didn’t use any of their products 😉 Instead I went with Barry M Gelly Lychee, a great neutral beige colour that works well with my skin tone, without looking all mannequin hands. Continue reading “#DareToBare – Barry M Lychee and Seventeen In The Surf”


Collection Galactica Blue Moon and Seventeen Bluetone

Well, it had to happen sooner or later… I broke a nail. Didn’t have my repair kit (nail glue and a teabag!) with me, so had to trim them all down to match. This new length is taking some getting used to! I’ve got some old manis to show yet so nail lengths in photos will vary. Continue reading “Collection Galactica Blue Moon and Seventeen Bluetone”