26 Great Nail Art Ideas – Christmas Preparations

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#whencolourscollide – tone on tone (blue)

Hi! I’ve got the next installment of the #whencolourscollide challenge to show you today. This time round, the prompt is tone on tone (blue), so we had to use at least two shades of blue to make our manis. I thought I’d do some double stamping, and considering I was just playing around, I think it came out great!
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#clairestelle8sept challenge – Marble

Hi! The latest prompt in the #clairestelle8sept challenge is marble. I’m not brave enough to try a water marble just yet, so I wondered how else I could interpret the prompt. I did a bit of googling and found a technique called dry marbling (also drag marbling and needle marbling!) which looked doable. I decided on a blue palette, and started with a coat of … Continue reading #clairestelle8sept challenge – Marble

#clairestelle8sept challenge – Coral

Hi! I thought I’d dip back into challenges again, and this month the Facebook group UK Stamping Community are using #clairestelle8sept prompts for their themes. I’m not going to be able to do all of them as I’m away for two weeks, but I’ll do whatever I can. The first prompt is coral. I chose a pretty coral polish, grabbed my stamping gear and came … Continue reading #clairestelle8sept challenge – Coral

Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP12 and OPI Bright Lights Big Color

Hi! Before I start, just wanted to say sorry for the radio silence this week – I’ve had a virus that combined with the hottest days so far this year has completely wiped me out. I love the sunshine, but I can’t cope with humidity. Thankfully I’m getting better, and it has cooled down a few degrees so I’m almost human again! Continue reading “Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP12 and OPI Bright Lights Big Color”