Paint The Rainbow box – Feb 2016 pt 2

Hi! I’ve got the final two polishes from this month’s Paint The Rainbow box to show you today – for the first three , look here. Yesterday I showed you the CbL, Grace-full and Cupcake polishes, today it’s the turn of Bear Pawlish and Freckles Polish. To the photos!
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Paint The Rainbow box – Feb 2016 pt. 1

Hi! Today I’m showing you some of the gorgeous polishes from this month’s Paint The Rainbow box. For those that don’t know, Paint The Rainbow is the UK’s first fully indie monthly box, devised by the lovely Annette, the lady behind All of the polishes in each box are exclusive editions, created especially for PTR. As such, it’s a fair bit pricier than the other nail boxes around at the moment (nailbox and meebox), this one was £45 plus £1 postage. Follow me after the jump to see what I got!
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HPB Presents – My 1st Indie Polish

Hello! It’s time for this month’s Hobby Polish Bloggers link up. Hobby Polish Bloggers is a very friendly Facebook group dedicated to supporting the behind-the-scene bits of blogging – if you have a question about lighting setups, blog layouts, blogging platforms, dealing with manufacturers etc, it is the perfect place to ask! Once a month we have a theme to write about – at the end of this post is a link to other members of the group so you can go and explore.
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Elevation Polish Liquid Swords

Hello! Today I’m showing you another one of my recent Facebook purchases, this time it is from a new-to-me brand, Elevation Polish. Liquid Swords is a blue-leaning pink creme with subtle scattered holo, and a quick Google tells me it is a limited edition for the Holo Hookup collaboration box (never heard of that one before, but it sounds fun!).
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