HPB Presents – Gradient link-up

Good morning! Today I have a mani for the Hobby Polish Bloggers group – this month the prompt is gradient. I wanted to do a sort of fade-to-black stamping pattern, so I grabbed a pretty polish and got to work.
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Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 52 week challenge week 1 – Teal / 2 colour gradient


I’m a novice at nail art. I stare in awe at some of the creations that show up on my FB feed, and wonder if I’ll ever be able to come up with anything approaching that level. The best way to learn is to practice (at least, that’s what I keep telling my students!) so I figured joining a challenge would make me learn and use some new techniques.

I joined Crumpet’s Nail Tarts group, who have just started a new 52 week pix n mix challenge. It seems pretty relaxed, one mani a week from one of two prompts. I can do that! (I hope 😉

This week we can choose either teal or go for a 2 colour gradient. I wanted to do a gradient as I’ve never tried one before. Things got messy. I may need to restock on cotton pads and nail polish remover..

The finished result (attempt 3 or 4, I lost count):


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Shades of Phoenix ‘Bad Kitty’

These photos were taken a couple of days ago, before my new camera battery arrived, so its back to phone pics I’m afraid!

So I had picked up a bottle of ‘Bad Kitty’ from Shades of Phoenix from a car boot sale for the princely sum of 33p, and as soon as I got home, I wanted to try it in a mani. As mentioned before, I believe this was an exclusive shade for an Australian indie polish subscription box (called ‘What’s in-die box?’)

Shades of Phoenix 'Bad Kitty'

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