Dolce & Gabbana Blue Angel

Hi! I’ve got one of my newest untrieds to show you today, which I was given last weekend by a friend. It’s by Dolce & Gabbana (I didn’t even know they did nail polish!) and it is a beautiful royal blue called Blue Angel. I’m doing a double post so I don’t make this one too pic heavy – swatch and nail art.
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#whencolourscollide – tone on tone (blue)

Hi! I’ve got the next installment of the #whencolourscollide challenge to show you today. This time round, the prompt is tone on tone (blue), so we had to use at least two shades of blue to make our manis. I thought I’d do some double stamping, and considering I was just playing around, I think it came out great!
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Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass

Hi! Something unusual happened this week – I actually wanted to paint my nails yellow! It’s one of my most avoided colours, along with orange, green and white. I think the sunny weather made me crave yellow though, so I dug through Mt. Untried and pulled out this one. I am determined to use more of my untried polishes, but it’s going to take a while! It doesn’t help that I keep buying more too…

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#whencolourscollide – Purple & pink

Hello! Today I have my second entry into the #whencolourscollide challenge – a bi-weekly challenge where you have to create a mani just using the two or three colours given. This time the colours were purple and pink, and although I love both colours, I couldn’t come up with a mani that I loved. I’m planning a post with the rejects, but today here is my entry!
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