26 Great Nail Art Ideas – Black Base #26gnai

Hello! It’s time for the next prompt in the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge, and this time it is Black Base. Anything goes, as long as there is black at the bottom! I’ve recently bought the latest Uberchic plate set, and I really wanted to try out the layered roses design, so I’ve done red roses over black. Please excuse my poor cut fingers, and messy cleanup, I didn’t want acetone anywhere near those bits!

#26GNAI - Black Base
#26GNAI – Black Base

What I used:

  • MoYou London Black Knight (black stamping polish)
  • MoYou London Prom Queen (pink stamping polish)
  • MoYou London Mint Condition (mint green stamping polish)
  • Color Alike Red Dragon (red stamping polish)
  • Liquid latex
  • Born Pretty Store Clear stamper
  • Uberchic plate 12-03
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat
#26GNAI - Black Base
#26GNAI – Black Base

I started out with two coats of Black Knight as a base. I wouldn’t usually use stamping polish as my base colour but it was handy and I was too lazy to go and find another! I’d recently asked in a Facebook group for recommendations for a good red stamping polish, as the only one I had is pretty rubbish. Alex from nail-artisan.co.uk recommended Color Alike Red Dragon, so I ordered it from her and the uberchic plates just fell into my basket too, oops. As you can see from the pics, it works brilliantly over black.

On to the stamping – I started out with the red base blobs for the roses, the next layer is the detailing which I did in pink, then finally the leaves in green. I didn’t have too much trouble lining up the two rose layers, but the leaves were tricky! It doesn’t help that I was stamping onto a curved surface – it would probably be easier done as decals. In the end though, it looks fine.

Prom Queen has a little bit of shimmer in it. I can’t see it on my nails, but the macro picked it up.

#26GNAI - Black Base
#26GNAI – Black Base

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Until next time,


Jo x

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