26 Great Nail Art Ideas – Blue & Silver

Hello my lovelies! Back in the mists of time, when I first started blogging, I joined a nail art challenge group called Crumpet’s Nail Tarts. We had weekly prompts, and everything was great for a couple of months until my life went pear shaped for a while and I stopped blogging for six months. (If you’d like to have a giggle at my first attempts at nail art, click here!) Fast forward two years, and the group has evolved and just started a new year long challenge. This time, we get prompts every two weeks, hence the 26 great nail art ideas. Well, that was a convoluted intro. To the art!

This week, our prompt is blue & silver. A classic combo that I actually forced myself to stop doing so often a while back!

#26greatnailartideas - Blue & Silver
#26greatnailartideas – Blue & Silver

What I used:

  • Revlon Coastal Surf (mid-blue creme)
  • Rimmel Loafer Love For You (royal blue creme)
  • OPI Miss Piggy’s Big Number (dark blue metallic shimmer)
  • OPI Last Friday Night (blue holo glitter topper)
  • Barry M Silver Foil (silver stamping)
  • Pet’la Terra stamping plate
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat

I decided to do a blue gradient, as I’ve been loving gradients lately! I started with a coat of Coastal Surf, then used a makeup sponge to add the gradient of Coastal Surf, Loafer Love For You & Miss Piggy’s Big Number. I did struggle a bit with Miss Piggy’s Big Number, it’s quite sheer so I had to go over my gradient several times before it finally appeared, but it did add a lovely shimmer to the end result. I topped the gradient with a coat of Last Friday Night, because holo glitters make everything better.

#26greatnailartideas - Blue & Silver
#26greatnailartideas – Blue & Silver

Once everything had dried off a bit, I stamped the silver pattern over the top, using the Terra plate. I think the pattern is supposed to be cracked earth. I really liked the overall result, it was almost gemstone like, and it stayed on my nails for 6 days which is unheard of! (Then I broke three nails in one day, but that’s another story)

#26greatnailartideas - Blue & Silver
#26greatnailartideas – Blue & Silver

Please click the button below to see more manis that the other nail tarts have created. You can click on any thumbnail to be magically transported to another blog.

Until next time,


Jo x

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