Metallic skittlette

Metallic skittlette

Hello! Today I’ve got some random nail art to show you. I’ve called it a skittlette as it’s not a true skittle because two nails are the same. Continue reading “Metallic skittlette”


#clairestelle8may challenge – Nautical!

So today’s prompt in the #clairestelle8may challenge is nautical. Boats and stuff. I looked through my small stash of stamping plates and couldn’t find a single appropriate image. I drew a blank on decals too. That meant – *gulp* freehand! Continue reading “#clairestelle8may challenge – Nautical!”

52 week Challenge week 4 – Grey and colour

Week 4 of the pick n mix challenge is upon us, and I’ve been putting this one off as much as possible! The briefs this week were 70’s, grey and a colour, or a combo of the two. The 70’s didn’t inspire me much – I googled a few patterns which looked OK, but I didn’t have any appropriate colours. I didn’t own a grey polish (unless silver counts?) as I don’t find grey does much for my skin tone. Eventually I caved in, and bought Rimmel Salon Pro Moon. It’s a grey creme. Not finding it inspiring to be honest! Continue reading “52 week Challenge week 4 – Grey and colour”