Random swatch – Spa Ritual Beyond

Hello my lovelies! I’ve got another random swatch for you today, Beyond from Spa Ritual. To the pics!

Spa Ritual Beyond
Spa Ritual Beyond

I picked this up on a whim in TK Maxx ages ago. I’ve pulled it out many times, hmmm’d over it, then put it away again. There is a lot of glitter in that bottle, and to be honest, much as I love glitter and bling, it seemed a bit over the top even to me! I think I bought it just because I was fascinated by the bottle. 

Anyway, time to try it out. Beyond is a black jelly base, packed full of red & purple micro glitter, small silver hex glitter and larger pink dots. Quite a lot of glitter has welded itself to the inside of the bottle, I just couldn’t shift it no matter how much I shook it. But, it didn’t seem to make any difference to the amount coming out on the brush. My pics show three coats.

Spa Ritual Beyond
Spa Ritual Beyond

It’s actually not as bad on the nail as I thought it was going to be. It’s quite a fun polish! It did dry quite bumpy because of all that glitter, but a couple of coats of topcoat smoothed everything out.

Spa Ritual Beyond
Spa Ritual Beyond

Beyond is still available from the Spa Ritual website, at £9.75 for 15ml (or you might be able to find it in TK Maxx for much less like I did!). All Spa Ritual polishes are 5 free and suitable for vegans.
See you soon!


Jo x

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