#nailswithigfriends challenge – Space!

Hi! I was invited to join in another challenge recently, I’m liking these less frequent ones as I’m only having chance to do one or two manis a week lately. This one is an Instagram challenge, called #nailswithigfriends, and the prompt was Space. This gives me a great opportunity to try out galaxy nails, something I’ve always liked the look of but never got round to doing. To the pics!

#nailswithigfriends challenge - Space
#nailswithigfriends challenge – Space

What I used:

  • Nails inc Maddox street (charcoal grey with shimmer)

  • NYC Rock Muse (black tinted base with various size silver glitter)

  • NYC Jam & Nap (violet creme)

  • Nails inc Fiesta (fuschia creme)

  • Revlon Coastal Surf (blue creme)

  • MoYou London White Knight (white stamping polish)

  • Unnamed CMHandmadeUK scattered holo topper

  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat

  • Cosmetic sponge

  • Tweezers

  • Dotting tool

#nailswithigfriends challenge - Space
#nailswithigfriends challenge – Space

As I’d never done galaxy nails before, I headed to Google to find a tutorial or two. I really liked the look of two – the Nailasaurus and Lacquerstyle. I used these as a guide when creating my nails.

I started with two coats of Maddox Street, then topped it with Rock Muse. This seemed to make a nice backdrop for my galaxies, with shimmer and glitters looking like distant stars.

I’d roughly torn a cosmetic sponge into small pieces, and used them to lightly dab the pink, violet, blue, white and finally the holo glitter making my galaxies. I used a new piece of sponge for each colour.

Using a dotting tool, I added a few random dots of white polish to make a few more stars. Finally I topped it all off with a coat of G&G. 

I wish I’d tried some matte topcoat on these! Will have to try it again sometime.

#nailswithigfriends challenge - Space
#nailswithigfriends challenge – Space

I loved doing these! They are really easy to do, look great, and simple to copy on my right hand too. I like having matchy matchy hands!

If you’d like to see more space themed manis, head over to Instagram and search for #nailswithigfriends. I’ll leave you with the collage of everyone’s work.

#nailswithigfriends Space challenge collage
#nailswithigfriends Space challenge collage

Until next time,
Jo x

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