Nail Crazies Unite challenge – Christmas Movie

Hello lovely people! It’s now December and I’m definitely in the festive mood! It’s been pretty cold here for the last few days, meaning frosty white mornings and sunny afternoons. I love winter!

The current Nail Crazies Unite prompt is a festive one too – Christmas Movie. I have to admit – I’m not really sure I’ve seen any! Or at least any that I could represent with nail varnish. So I’ve gone generic, and done Rudolph and some of the other reindeers, as I’m sure they turn up in plenty of Christmas films. 

Before I show the pics, I just have to say that this was the manicure from hell, and nothing went right. The only reason I’m showing it at all is that I’ve run out of time (and the will to live) to do another.

Nail Crazies Unite - Christmas Movie
Nail Crazies Unite – Christmas Movie

What I used:

  • Rimmel pillow talk (pastel blue shimmer)
  • The Polish Bar Diamonds & Pearls (white & silver glitter topper)
  • MoYou London Black Knight (black stamping polish)
  • Miss Beauty Mocha (brown creme)
  • Sally Hansen Wedding Glitters (gold metallic)
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat
  • Color Alike Red Dragon (red stamping polish)
  • Bundle Monster BM-S156 plate

Nail Crazies Unite - Christmas Movie
Nail Crazies Unite – Christmas Movie

So, this was done by me making decals on every stamper I could find! I used the reindeer image from BM-S156, but I didn’t want the pattern that surrounded it, so once I’d picked up the image I used an orange stick to carefully scrape away the excess. It didn’t work too well, and left tiny black flakes behind that I couldn’t get rid of. I filled in the reindeer bodies with Miss Beauty Mocha, and the antlers with Sally Hansen Wedding Glitters. Next mistake – I used a quick dry topcoat to finish off the decals rather than a regular clear polish like I normally do. It might have been OK if I were using them quickly, but I left them while I went to work, so they were pretty hard when I got back.

I painted my nails with two coats of Pillow Talk, and one coat of The Polish Bar Diamonds & Pearls. I wanted it to look like a snowy backdrop. D&P had gone extremely gloopy, so I added some thinner which seemed to help. It also seemed to stop it from drying.

I cut out my decals, which had dried to the curved shape of the stampers. Unfortunately, as I had to turn them over to go on my nails, they just wouldn’t lay flat. Topcoat didn’t help. I used a dotting tool to make Rudolph’s nose red (which I dropped and so his nose is a bit bigger than planned) and then gave up and went and found some alcohol.

Nail Crazies Unite - Christmas Movie
Nail Crazies Unite – Christmas Movie

I am so, so glad this mani is over and done! Let’s hope the next one is less stressful, this is supposed to be a relaxing hobby!

Click the button below to see the rest of the Nail Crazies Christmas Movie nails.

See you soon,


Jo x

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