Nail Crazies Unite challenge – Coffee

AKA the mani that really didn’t want to happen…

Hello lovely people! I’ve got a brand new biweekly challenge to bring to you today – the Nail Crazies Unite! It runs every other Friday, and fits nicely around the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas,  so they alternate each week.

So, before I get to the pics, a little back story. I messed up. I got my dates in a muddle, thought I’d missed the first prompt and did a mani for the next one. I realised my mistake Friday morning, the day we were supposed to publish them. I took it all off, quickly put on a base colour and headed off to work, planning to finish off that evening.

Fast forward to Friday evening, I’m preparing dinner, slicing bread, when clumsy me slips the bread knife and slices my thumb, index & middle finger on my left hand. Cue much bleeding, dizziness because I hate blood, and other half running like a madman for the first aid kit. My left hand is now out of nail art action for a while!

I’ve managed to at least do something on my right hand. It’s not great, but it’s coffee inspired at least. And please excuse the photos, my right hand refuses to pose in front of a camera, and operating the thing left handed with three dodgy fingers was interesting to say the least.

On to the pics!

Nail Crazies Unite challenge - Coffee
Nail Crazies Unite challenge – Coffee

What I used:

Nail Crazies Unite challenge - Coffee
Nail Crazies Unite challenge – Coffee

I went for the latte art look, which looks like drag marbling in coffee foam to me! I thought the Bundle Monster water marbling plate resembled some of the designs.

I especially like this heart one!

There you go, sorry again for the messy pics & cleanup but I have a really good excuse. Hopefully I’ll heal fast! Thankfully I’ve already got the next couple of challenge manis done and photographed.

If you’d like to join in with this challenge, join us in the Nail Crazies Facebook group.

And finally, press the button to see what other coffee inspired goodness the others have come up with!

See you soon,


Jo x

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