Rainbow Stamping

Hello! Today’s mani is one of those rare times that I actually plan something before I start. I really wanted to do some rainbow stamping so I picked through my MoYou London stamping polishes and came up with a rough rainbow of colours. I’m missing a red stamping polish, so I used a dark pink instead. 

Rainbow stamping
Rainbow stamping

What I used:

  • MoYou London White Knight 
  • Next White Noise (shimmery topper)
  • MoYou London Prom Queen (dark pink), Bahamas Punch (yellow), Mint Condition (green), Sweet Wisteria (lilac) & Cool Pool (blue)
  • MoYou London Pro XL plate 04
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat 
Rainbow stamping
Rainbow stamping

I started with a coat of White Knight as a base, then added a coat of White Noise to add some sparkle. All good so far.

To do the rainbow stamping, I put a dot of each colour along the edge of my chosen image on the plate, then scraped the dots across the image. Sometimes it blended together to make extra shades (I can see orange, and a darker green) which was cool. My little finger is a bit splodgey – I didn’t scrape enough polish off before stamping.

Rainbow stamping
Rainbow stamping

The main problem I have with these is the actual image itself. The MoYou London XL plates are waaay to big for my nails, so you can’t make out what the pattern is. (Flowers, if you’re wondering) It looks like random splodges. Rainbow random splodges. It seems that MoYou London have scaled up the size of the patterns to make bigger images. I’m sure that works for some people. What I want though, is the same size patterns, but repeated or extended to make a bigger area. Does that make sense? As they are, the xl plates are pretty useless to me, and the standard ones are not quite big enough.

Anyway. My rainbows worked, so yay!

See you soon,


Jo x

4 thoughts on “Rainbow Stamping

  1. I think this mani looks really nice!

    I too have problems with most stamping plates. The regular-sized images are way too small for my nails, and the XL-sized ones are a tad too small for my nails – even when they’re short. But that’s not because I have the longest nails in history, but I’m much taller than average (I’m 6’1”), my hands are bigger than average – and so are my nails. I try not to buy plates with so-called full nail images anymore – I’m sticking to ‘buffet’ stamping plates.

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    1. Thank you!
      I never thought about height making a difference to nail size, but it makes perfect sense. I’m 5’11” so I guess my nails will be bigger than average too. My feet certainly are! This was my first time trying an XL plate, won’t bother again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I know what you mean about the xl plates, it’s a shame. I thought this was a ‘water’ print style image & I love the rainbow effect. It’s so pretty over that base.
    Vicky xx

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