#whencolourscollide challenge – Green & Pink

Hello everyone! I’m here with the latest #whencolourscollide challenge, and I have to admit, my heart sank when I saw it had green in it again! Thankfully this time stamping is allowed, and there are no restrictions on what shade of each colour to use. Happy to say I’ve come up with something I like! Oh yeah, and I’ve changed nail shape again – more almond shape now. I got bored of the ovals!

#whencolourscollide challenge - Green & Pink
#whencolourscollide challenge – Green & Pink

What I used:

#whencolourscollide challenge - Green & Pink
#whencolourscollide challenge – Green & Pink

I started off with two coats of Dali’s Memory, a mint green creme that dries to a weird dull rubbery finish. It takes an age to dry too! Once it was dry(ish) I dry brushed Summer Honey across the top. I hadn’t left it quite long enough as the dry brush dragged at the green base in places. Then I stamped using Prom Queen, which is a dark pink that appears to have a touch of shimmer in the bottle. I left it a good half hour before topcoating but it still smeared 😢. It didn’t look anywhere near this bad in real life, but the camera exaggerates everything!

#whencolourscollide challenge - Green & Pink
#whencolourscollide challenge – Green & Pink

I’m a little disappointed with how Prom Queen smeared – I left it as long as I usually would before topcoating, and did my usual ‘floating’ a ball of topcoat over my nail, so I don’t know if this colour is prone to smearing or it’s not playing nicely with the other polishes. However, as long as I don’t get a magnifying glass out, I’m happy with how they look!

I’ll leave you with the challenge collage, don’t forget if you’d like to join in with the next challenge, head to Facebook and join the When Colours Collide group.

#whencolourscollide challenge collage - Pink & Green
#whencolourscollide challenge collage – Pink & Green

See you soon!

Jo x

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