Accessorize Glass Slipper

Hello! I wrote last time about how I make up my manicure designs as I go along, well here’s another example! This one though started off with me wanting to use a new purchase, Accessorize Glass Slipper. I get seduced by the cute little Accessorize bottles every time I step in a store (thankfully there isn’t one in my city, or I’d own every polish they make) so when I saw some on sale for 75p each I dived in.

Accessorize Glass Slipper
Accessorize Glass Slipper

What I used:

  • Nails Inc The Serpentine (navy blue creme)
  • Accessorize Glass Slipper (shimmery glitter topper)
  • MoYou London Sweet Wisteria (lilac stamping polish)
  • Pueen 76 stamping plate
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat
  • Liquid latex
  • Born Pretty Store Clear stamper
Accessorize Glass Slipper
Accessorize Glass Slipper

So Accessorize Glass Slipper is a hard one to describe. It’s quite a thick polish, full of colour changing shimmer and various sizes of silver glitters. It may be possible to get full coverage if you use enough coats, but I think it would be extremely thick plus removal would be a nightmare! I opted to use it over a dark base instead. I thought dark blue would look nicer than black, so I started with a single coat of Nails Inc The Serpentine. I added a single coat of Glass Slipper over the top, which totally transformed the plain creme into a magenta-teal shifting shimmer! I found the glitters tended to clump up a bit if I wasn’t careful, and the more I tried to spread them out, the more glitter ended up on my nails! I topped it off with a coat of Glisten & Glow.

Accessorize Glass Slipper
Accessorize Glass Slipper

By the next day, I’d decided that I didn’t really like the silver glitters over the dark base, so I added some stamping to try and tone them down a bit. I chose a swirly leaf pattern from Pueen 76, and stamped using Sweet Wisteria, which I thought would complement the colour shift nicely. Another coat of HK Girl finished off.

Accessorize Glass Slipper
Accessorize Glass Slipper

Definitely preferred it once I’d added the stamping!

See you soon,


Jo x

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