#whencolourscollide challenge – Blue & Green

Hello! I’ve got the latest #whencolourscollide challenge mani for you today, and the colours are blue and green. I struggle whenever green is an option! This definitely isn’t the best mani I’ve ever done, but never mind.

#whencolourscollide - Blue & Green
#whencolourscollide – Blue & Green

What I used:

  • A whole bunch of green and blue polishes for painting the circles 
  • Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint (green shimmer with blue glitters)
  • Nails Inc The Serpentine (navy blue creme used for stamping)
  • NYC Grand Central Station (clear polish)
  • Ubermat
  • Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-21
  • Barry M Matte topcoat
#whencolourscollide - Blue & Green
#whencolourscollide – Blue & Green

I used Grand Central Station as a base for my decals, and stamped the circles over it using The Serpentine. I then painted in the circles using various blues and greens. 

I’m having to come to the painful conclusion that my eyesight just isn’t good enough for making decals this way! It looked great on the mat, but once on the nail I could see all the bits I’d missed or gone over the lines. I think a trip to the opticians for new glasses is due.

#whencolourscollide - Blue & Green
#whencolourscollide – Blue & Green

The nails that didn’t have decals, I painted with Wintermint then stamped the same circles. I prefer this look, wish I’d done them all this way!

I finished off with a matte topcoat for a change, which unfortunately made the decals bubble. 

Like I said, not my best work!

I’ll leave you with the challenge collage, so many great manis!

#whencolourscollide challenge - Blue & Green
#whencolourscollide challenge – Blue & Green

See you soon,


Jo x

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