Life’s A Beach UK Indie Box

Hi! Today I’m showing you the Life’s A Beach indie box, which contains polishes from three much loved uk indies. This time round, the box has polishes from Danglefoot Polish, Luna Loves Lacquer, and Freckles Polish. Onwards to the pics!

Life's A Beach UK indie box - July '16
Life’s A Beach UK indie box – July ’16

Eagle-eyed readers may realise something missing from my pic – unfortunately the Danglefoot polish didn’t survive the journey to my house. Sad face. All is good though, as Hayley has very kindly offered to make me a new bottle once she’s up and running again. I was very excited to see the big clear stamper, I’ve wanted to try one out! Anyway – swatches!

Luna Loves Lacquer – Summer Droplets

Summer Droplets is one of those polishes that doesn’t look the same on the nail as it did in the bottle, at least on me! The bottle has a definite blue hue, but on the nail that really doesn’t  come out, leaving it a sort of shimmery golden green tone. It has a scattered holo, and small bronze-olive flakies. 

The pics show three coats, with topcoat. The first coat was sheer, but it did build up easily. 

If you can see a line across my nail, it’s because I took a chunk out of it on my car door so I had a teabag repair on it! Summer Droplets is such a pretty polish, but I don’t think it suits my skin tone. 

Freckles Polish – Sea You At The Shore

Sea You At The Shore is much more my kind of thing! It’s a denim blue creme with lighter blue micro glitter and linear holo. This was two coats with topcoat. It applied beautifully, just as I’d  expect from a Freckles polish!

The formula of this one was much thicker, and as you can see, it was much more forgiving of my poor broken nail repair.

I’m  happy to report no staining issues either, which is always a worry with these pigmented blues. I wore this for 3 or 4 days without a chip.

Born Pretty Store BP-L017 stamping plate & jumbo clear stamper

BP-L017 is one of the rectangular stamping plates from BPS, it’s around the same size as a MoYou London plate. This one is full of summer time images – we have starfish, palm trees, seashells, deckchairs, bikinis and various summer slogans. I did a quick test to see how it stamped, using the jumbo clear stamper.

As you can see, the dolphin and the sunglasses are very crisp! I used the scraper that came with the stamper, unfortunately I don’t like it as much as my normal one (an old Matalan card!) and you can see a few splodgey bits where I failed at scraping. The stamper picked up well though, and transferred the image nicely. The only priming I did to the stamper head was a quick rinse with soapy water before using. The stamper comes with a lid to protect the head from dust and damage, which really like, as it saves me from having to use a zip lock bag.

I’ve got another mani  coming up soon that also used BP-L017 and the jumbo clear stamper, so watch out for that!

Overall, another nice box! It’s a shame that Summer Droplets doesn’t suit me as I was excited to try it when saw the swatches, but I fell instantly in love with Sea You At The Shore so that makes up for it. I’m excited to try out the Danglefoot polish when it arrives! And the clear stamper has now become my go-to stamper because I found it so easy to use.

The UK indie boxes come out every quarter, and are announced and sold on Instagram, so keep an eye out for the next one in autumn!

Freckles Polish – EtsyInstagramFacebook.

Danglefoot Nail Polish – Etsy –  InstagramFacebook.

Luna Loves Lacquer – EtsyInstagram.

See you soon!


Jo x

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