#glamnailschallengejuly – Bubbles

Hi! I’ve been trying (and failing!) to do the #glamnailschallengejuly this month. I’ve got a couple of manis to show but I don’t think I’ll manage any more this month. Anyway, about 10 days ago the prompt was bubbles. I found a stamping plate with bubbles on, but they weren’t big enough to cover my entire nail. So I decided to do a pond mani .

#glamnailschallengejuly - Bubbles
#glamnailschallengejuly – Bubbles

What I used:

  • Revlon Parfumerie Surf Spray (sheer blue shimmer)
  • MoYou London White Knight (white stamping polish)
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow topcoat 
  • Clear stamper
  • Bundle Monster Fluffy & Ferocious plate BM-S166
#glamnailschallengejuly - Bubbles
#glamnailschallengejuly – Bubbles

A pond mani is layers of stamping or painting in between layers of sheer polish. I’ve only done one before now, and that had simple dots inbetween the layers. I chose Surf Spray as it is quite sheer, but still very pretty with all that shimmer. I alternated layers of Surf Spray and bubble stamping – I stamped three times on each nail in total. It’s very time consuming!

#glamnailschallengejuly - Bubbles
#glamnailschallengejuly – Bubbles

You may be able to make out a big dent on my middle finger – I completely messed it up and had to bodge it a bit. Guess I didn’t let all those layers dry thoroughly! I still liked it though 🙂

See you soon!


Jo x

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