#glamnailschallengejuly – Lemonade 

Hello! It’s time for the second prompt in the #glamnailschallenge today, and it is lemonade. I thought rather than trying to draw jugs of lemonade I’d try to give the idea of it. Sometimes I overthink these things!

#glamnailschallengejuly - Lemonade
#glamnailschallengejuly – Lemonade

What I used:

  • Barry M Cotton (white creme)
  • MoYou London Bahamas Punch (yellow stamping polish)
  • Fimo slice
  • Bundle Monster & Lucy’s Stash collab stamping plate
  • Born Pretty Store stamping plates BP-21 (yellow wavy lines) & BP-67 (red stripes)
  • Rimmel Hot Gossip (red creme)
  • Liquid latex
  • Creative Shop Stamper 
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)
#glamnailschallengejuly - Lemonade
#glamnailschallengejuly – Lemonade

I started with two coats of Cotton on each nail except my little finger which got two coats of Bahamas Punch. I then stamped the wavy lines on my ring & thumb nails, hoping to make it look like liquid. I wanted to put a straw on one nail, so using liquid latex I painted a straw shape, then once it was dry, stamped the lines over and peeled off the latex.

On my middle finger I stamped a citrus image from the Bundle Monster plate (don’t tell anyone, but I think it’s grapefruit rather than lemon) and attached a fimo slice to my ring finger with a dab of topcoat (don’t tell anyone, but it’s a slice of orange not lemon). 

To do the stripes on the straw, I painted liquid latex over the yellow stamping, then stamped the stripes in red, then peeled off the latex again just leaving the straw. I forgot that the stripey stamping wouldn’t bend with the straw shape – I should have done a straight straw, or stamped two bits separately. It looks a bit odd after the bend!

#glamnailschallengejuly - Lemonade
#glamnailschallengejuly – Lemonade
#glamnailschallengejuly - Lemonade
#glamnailschallengejuly – Lemonade

So there you have lemonade nails! Hope you like them, I did 🙂 Even though they are yellow!

See you soon,
Love, Jo x

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