#whencolourscollide – Lime Green & Gold

Hi! It’s time for the #whencolourscollide again, a bi-weekly challenge to only use the colours given for your mani. This time its lime green and gold. Have to admit, my heart sank as I really don’t like bright greens. But that’s kind of the point of this challenge, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I had two attempts at this mani, and I’m not happy with either of them. Usually I’d post the failures separately, but I think I’ll just lump them all together today. Not feeling this one at all!

#whencolourscollide - Lime Green & Gold
#whencolourscollide – Lime Green & Gold

What I used:

  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri In Record Lime (green creme)
  • Sally Hansen Wedding Glitters (gold metallic)
  • Sally Hansen (gold & holo glitter topper)
  • Hole reinforcers
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow  (topcoat)

So I started with two coats of In Record Lime, which I picked up from the pound shop specifically for this challenge. I’m not sure it’s quite lime green, but it has lime in the name so that’s good enough for me. I’ve heard the  Insta-Dri range make good stamping polishes , and this one was certainly opaque! Almost a one coater.

#whencolourscollide - Lime Green & Gold
#whencolourscollide – Lime Green & Gold

I then used the hole reinforcers as nail vinyls to create a curved line at the tip of my nail, which I covered with Wedding Glitters. Unfortunately the reinforcers are nowhere near as good as vinyls and polish leaked underneath, spoiling the line. So I added glitter to try and disguise the mess, which possibly just made more mess. I dunno.

#whencolourscollide - Lime Green & Gold
#whencolourscollide – Lime Green & Gold

I’d already chipped the glitter by time I took the photos, and it had only been on a couple of hours. 

Here’s a pic of attempt 1:

Looking back, maybe this was the better one? This is an unnamed neon green Primark polish, which was smelly and horrible to work with. I then stamped with Barry M Gold Foil using a Pueen plate. The inverse accent nail just didn’t work, this is the first time that gold Foil wasn’t opaque enough to cover the base.

I’ll leave you with the collage, full of amazing designs from people that like green more than I do! If you’d like to join us, search for the When Colours Collide Facebook group and have a go.

#whencolourscollide - Lime Green & Gold
#whencolourscollide – Lime Green & Gold

See you soon,


Jo x

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