Bear Pawlish Gender Bender

Hello! I’m still working through my untried mountain, so today you are getting a swatch of a very pretty duochrome from Bear Pawlish called Gender Bender. To the pics!


Gender Bender is quite a sheer polish, so I’ve layered it over a black creme. I think it would build up to opaque in a few coats, but I’d rather cheat. All pics show two coats of Gender Bender over one coat of Rimmel Blackout.


Gender Bender is a duochrome that shifts from magenta through to teal, and has a linear holo too. The holo particles gives it an almost dusty look. It applies smoothly, but is prone to brush strokes, so care must be taken on the final coat.

I wasn’t ready to take this one off, so I stamped over it, using BP-09 and Barry M Gold Foil.


I had such a job lining up this fleur-de-lys to be straight! Even using a clear stamper, I kept messing up.


Trying to show off the colour shift!


And the obligatory close up 😃

Till next time,

Jo x

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