#clairestelle8june challenge – Glitter

Hello! It’s the final prompt for the #clairestelle8june Instagram challenge today, and that prompt is glitter. Despite my love of all things shiny, I was a bit stumped by this one, I think I’m feeling a touch of nail art fatigue! I have dozens of bottles of glitter toppers, but throwing a topper over a plain base seemed like too much of an easy way out. So, I googled ‘glitter mani’ and came across this tutorial by @badgirlnails. I love the look, I have pots of loose glitter, I have studs, I can do this!

#clairestelle8june change - Glitter
#clairestelle8june change – Glitter

What I used:

  • Ciate Ferris Wheel (pale blue creme)
  • NYC Grand Central Station (clear polish)
  • HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)
  • Pale blue loose glitter
  • Fan brush
  • Straight nail vinyls
  • Small silver studs
#clairestelle8june change - Glitter
#clairestelle8june change – Glitter

I started out with three coats of Ferris Wheel, which I found a touch on the thin side. To be honest, it could have done with another coat but I don’t have patience for four-coaters! I added a coat of G&G and let it dry completely.

I then applied the straight vinyls at an angle across my nails. Working one nail at a time, I painted the clear polish above the vinyl, then dipped my nail in the glitter. I removed the vinyl straight away, and after a minute or two, brushed off the excess glitter with a fan brush.

Once all my nails were glittered, I applied the studs and then carefully covered everything in a coat of clear polish. I didn’t want my topcoat brush picking up stray glitters, I’d rather sacrifice a cheap clear polish!

#clairestelle8june change - Glitter
#clairestelle8june change – Glitter

Loose glitter is a bugger to work with, the stuff gets absolutely everywhere! My black sofa now has the odd blue shiny bit here and there. I was also going cross-eyed applying that many studs! For such a simple looking mani it sure took some effort! I do like the end effect although I doubt it will be long lasting – I’ve already chipped a chunk of glitter off my thumbnail. They are also quite thick with all the layers of polish and then glitter at the tips. And of course, unless I use half a bottle of topcoat, I’m not going to get these smooth which bugs the hell out of me. I hate catching my nails in my hair!

So that’s the end of the challenge for June, and I’ve managed all the prompts. I’ve finally used a striping brush, and discovered two uses for a fan brush! I’ve delved into vinyls, water decals and glitter, and unusually for me, neglected my stamping kit. Have no fear, it will be out again soon!

#clairestelle8june challenge collage
#clairestelle8june challenge collage

See you all soon,

Jo x

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