#clairestelle8june challenge – Beach

Hello! A nice summery prompt for #clairestelle8june today – beach nail art! Read on to see what I came up with…

#clairestelle8june challenge - Beach

What I used:

Sally Hansen Sparkling Water (teal glitter jelly)
Revlon Surf Spray (sheer blue shimmer)
Barry M Cotton (white creme)
Spa Ritual On The Dunes (gold foil with copper shimmer)
Spa Ritual Invention (sheer shimmer)
MoYou London Bahamas Punch (yellow stamping polish)
MoYou London Sweet Lips (pink stamping polish)
Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-10
Creative Shop Stamper
Plastic cup & cooled boiled tap water

#clairestelle8june challenge - Beach

Quite a lot of steps involved in this one, but I’m pleased with the result!

I started with a coat of Sparkling Water, and when that was dry, added a coat of Surf Spray.  I wanted to try water-spotting with Barry M Cotton to make the white foam on my sea, but I don’t have any hairspray in the house. I tried using a squirt of perfume instead but that dissolved the polish! In the end I just swirled it around with a needle before dunking my fingers in. I forgot to use liquid latex, so please ignore the white polish remains all over my fingers.

Once my sea was done, I added the beach. I tore off a little piece of sponge and dabbed on On The Dunes, it needed three coats to make it cover the blue. I then dabbed on Invention to add a bit more sparkle.

Finally, I stamped on the shell and starfish. I used BP-10 but the images were too large to use directly. I took the head off my creative stamper, and stretched it out by squeezing around the base, picked up the image from the plate, then released the base so the stamper when back to it’s normal size, shrinking the image. They fitted on my nails nicely, without overwhelming the background. I’m sure my explanation made no sense whatsoever, so here’s a link to a shrinking tutorial with pictures! http://lacquerorleaveher.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/tutorial-shrinking-stamping-images.html

A coat of HK Girl Glisten & Glow and I was done!

#clairestelle8june challenge - Beach
#clairestelle8june challenge - Beach

That was fun! I think the white foam on my sea was a bit of a fail, but the rest is good, plus I learnt how to shrink stamping images.

If you’d like to see more beach themed manis, head over to Instagram and search for #clairestelle8june.

See you next time!

Jo x


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