eBay Water Decals

Hello! Something a little different today – instead of stamping, I’ve been playing with water decals. Tracey from Bite No More posted about a deal on eBay where you can get 50 different sheets of water decals for £2-3. I had to order some! They came from Hong Kong, and took about 3 weeks to arrive. So what did I get?


I ended up with this lot! There are some really pretty patterns in there, and some I’m not too sure about, but for the price I’m not complaining. Most of them seemed to be designed for a full mani, but I found the width sizing too small for me to use like that. Apparently I have wide nails! So I opted for accent nails instead. The first one I tried is the decal circled in the picture (I forgot to take a photo of it before I cut it up!) and I decided to pair it with ‘Ard As Nails Blushed from the uk indie Spring Fling box.


There were no instructions with the decals, so I went with what I know from previous usage. I painted my accent nails white using Barry M Coconut, then soaked each decal in water for 15-20 seconds and slid them onto my nail. Just need to clean up the extra bits with acetone and topcoat (carefully!) to finish.


This combo worked well I think, the polish complemented the colours in the decal. I did make a bit of a mess applying them, as you can see from the next pic some of the pattern is missing where I had to peel one off to reposition it.


Next I wanted to try one of the red roses images. I picked one and found a polish to match – this time, Bear Pawlish Mickey & Mallory from the Feb 2016 Paint The Rainbow indie box.


I don’t think I made such a good colour match this time (or maybe I should have gone creme rather than uber holo!) Having said that, Mickey & Mallory is still such a stunning red holo! I messed up the positioning of this one too. I need more practice.


I bought these water decals from eBay, from this auction, however there are several similar auctions available. It is random what patterns you will get – mine are different from the listing picture. If you like florals though, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

See you soon!

Jo x

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