#clairestelle8june challenge – Unicorns!

Hello! Today is Unicorn day in the #clairestelle8june Instagram challenge. I hope you’re ready for rainbows and glitter!

#clairestelle8june challenge - Unicorns

What I used:

Rimmel Ring A Ring O’Roses (pastel pink creme)
Rimmel Peachella (peach creme)
Rimmel Daisy Days (pastel yellow creme)
Barry M Gelly Sugar Apple (pastel green creme)
Barry M Gelly Blueberry (pastel blue creme)
Rimmel Marshmallow Heaven (lilac creme)
Barry M Gelly Cotton (white creme)
CMHandmadeUK unnamed scattered holo topper
Sally Hansen Gem Crush Glitz Gal (black & holo full coverage glitter)
Liquid latex
Fan brush
Unicorn vinyls
HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)

#clairestelle8june challenge - Unicorns

I started off with two coats of Barry M Cotton to give a plain white base. I dripped a blob of each polish on my Ubermat to make a rainbow line, then used a fan brush to brush a rainbow across my nails. The fan brush is not very precise, but I liked the end effect, a bit like a watercolour. It’s quite different from doing a sponge gradient, much less blended and more brush-strokey. I added a scattered holo glitter over the rainbow, then finished off with a coat of Glisten & Glow and left to dry for an hour or so.

#clairestelle8june challenge - Unicorns

Once everything had dried, I used some unicorn stencils from She Sells Seashells. I stuck them over my accent nails, then used a sponge to apply a couple of coats of Glitz Gal glitter. I peeled off the stencil and it left behind a glittery unicorn head! The glitter dried pretty textured, and I left it that way rather than topcoating again.

#clairestelle8june challenge - Unicorns

I love my sparkly unicorns! If you’d like to see more unicorn art, head over to Instagram and search for #clairestelle8june.

See you soon!

Jo x

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