The post where Jo learns to watermarble! (ish)

Hi! I’m so excited! I’ve finally, FINALLY managed to do a sort of successful watermarble! Every few weeks I get the urge to try again, and every time I’ve ended up in a mess, wasting polish and getting frustrated. Eventually I did something sensible and asked in a Facebook group for help. With the advice I received, I’ve managed something resembling a watermarble!

Jo's first watermarble

Now, I realise that it looks, well, crap. But I’m so happy! This to me means that I can practice and improve, just like I did with stamping and gradients. And one of my reasons for starting this blog was to document my adventures in nail art, and I think this counts.

Jo's first watermarble

My thumb nail doesn’t look too bad!

Jo's first watermarble

And my ring finger shows signs of promise too 🙂

So what was I doing wrong? Up until now, I’ve never managed to get the polish to spread across the surface of the water, it always stayed stubbornly in a blob in the middle until it sank. Apparently plain tap water isn’t good enough! I was told to use bottled water, or cooled boiled tap water, so I tried bottled water and the polish spread beautifully. For this attempt I boiled tap water and left it to cool while I went to work. This also worked great.

My first attempt at making the pattern resulted in holes in the polish – I was using a cocktail stick , which I was told is too thick. For this mani I used my smallest dotting tool, which seemed to work ok. I’ve since found an even smaller one in a packet of nail art brushes I picked up in Poundland months ago so I will try that next time.

I think I used way too much polish in this attempt – when I took my fingers out of the water it was running everywhere. Newbie error I guess! I tried to do a pastel rainbow, using various Barry M Gellys and Rimmel polishes – so I ended up with around 20 rings of polish in the water. Messy. I should try something simpler next time.

Have you got any more tips for me? Leave them in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

Jo x

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