Ciate Rain Check

Hello! Today I’ve managed to hit the jackpot – a mani using an untried polish, untried stamping plate and untried stamping polish! Go me!


What I used:

Ciate Rain Check (blurple creme)
MoYou London Holy Shapes 02 plate
MoYou London Sweet Wisteria (lilac stamping polish)
HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)
Liquid latex
Born Pretty Store Clear Stamper


Rain Check is one of those colours that can’t decide what it is. Put it next to a dark blue, it looks purple. Put it next to a purple, it looks blue. So blurple it is! I really liked this polish, it went on well, smoothed out beautifully and was perfect in two coats. It dried very glossy too, although since I always use topcoat, not something I care about too much. This one came free with a magazine, possibly around Xmas time.


The stamping is unusual for me – I usually shy away from designs that require accuracy! But once I saw the Holy Shapes plate I really wanted to do something like this, and it’s great practice with the clear stamper. I didn’t get it perfect – I missed slightly on my ring finger which is why my nail tip is messy. I was a little worried about the large shapes, so I tried to scrape really lightly which worked well. I love the lilac stamping over the darker colour!

See you soon,

Jo x

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