Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass

Hi! Something unusual happened this week – I actually wanted to paint my nails yellow! It’s one of my most avoided colours, along with orange, green and white. I think the sunny weather made me crave yellow though, so I dug through Mt. Untried and pulled out this one. I am determined to use more of my untried polishes, but it’s going to take a while! It doesn’t help that I keep buying more too…


What I used:

Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass (yellow creme)
MoYou London White Knight (white stamping polish)
HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)
Liquid latex
Born Pretty Store Clear stamper
Bundle Monster BM-XL207 (Madame Luck blogger collaboration plate)


I mislaid my base coat when I was doing this mani, so please forgive any nail ridges. This is three coats of Sunlit Grass. Yellows are notorious for bad formulas – I didn’t find this one too bad, a touch streaky and quite thin. I kept painting my cuticles by accident, but that could just be me being clumsy. Clean up was more difficult than usual, yellow seems to be stubborn! I also found it stained my nails a little once I removed it after two days wear. Nothing drastic, but worth mentioning. Don’t skip base coat like I did!


Sunlit Grass is part of the Parfumerie range, which means it is perfumed. It is one of the stronger scents in the range that I’ve come across so far – it overpowered my perfume for the first 6-8 hours before it died down. By 24 hours the scent had gone completely. Not an unpleasant scent – I can definitely smell cut grass with a hint of something else, maybe banana? Ha, I dunno. I’m useless at identifying smells!


I wanted something fun to match the summery colour, so I picked the graffiti style plate from Bundle Monster & Madame Luck. The cute little figures fitted my nails nicely (though I messed up my ring finger – slipped while I was stamping it!) and using a clear stamper meant I could place them fairly centrally.

Do you ever have unusual colour cravings?

Jo x


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