#whencolourscollide – the rejects!

Hi there! I’ve recently showed you the manis I have done for the #whencolourscollide challenge here and here – today I thought I’d show you some of my attempts that didn’t survive past the photos! Pics after the break!

Red & Pastel Blue Attempt 1.

#whencolourscollide - the rejects

What I used:

Rimmel Pillow Talk (pastel blue creme with hint of shimmer)
Rimmel Hot Gossip (red creme)
HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)
Dotting tool

I started with two coats of Pillow Talk (which finished off the bottle!) then I dotted Hot Gossip in straight(ish) lines at the side of my nails. Main problems – my dots are too big, too close together and unevenly sized. And then I smeared it with topcoat. Sigh.

Red & Pastel Blue Attempt 2.

#whencolourscollide - the rejects

What I used:

Barry M Speedy Pit Stop (pastel blue creme)
Rimmel Hot Gossip (lighter red creme)
Model’s Own Hypergel Brunette Red (darker red creme)
Various dotting tools
2mm gold studs
HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)
Sally Hansen Rock Star (glitter)

So this time I started with two coats of Pit Stop, a coat of Rock Star, then used the dotting tools to make the flowers. I attached the studs with a blob of topcoat. I actually quite liked it at this stage… then I decided to add the dotty trails. My middle finger looks quite good but I lost the plot a bit with the others. And then I realised there was no way I could replicate it on my right hand and I really, really don’t like having mismatched hands!

Purple & Pink Attempt 1

#whencolourscollide - the rejects!

What I Used:

Various pink polishes (can’t remember which ones!)
Lilypad Lacquer Parma Violet (purple holo)
Clear stamper
Born Pretty Store BP-L003 stamping plate
HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)

I started by painting my little and index fingers purple, and the rest a pastel pink. I dropped several pinks onto my Ubermat and used my stamper to smoosh them together, then stamped it over my pink nails. Over that I stamped the circle pattern in purple, and added a couple of pink dots to the purple nails.

I quite liked this mani – the main problem is I messed up stamping my ring finger, plus I couldn’t get that polish to photograph as purple! It looks blue in the pics 😦

Onwards and upwards!

Till next time,

Jo x

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