Radioactive Unicorn Hex Your Ex

Hello! Today I have another new-to-me UK indie to show you. Radioactive Unicorn have been around for a year or so, but I only discovered them recently. If you are a glitter addict, you are going to love this. Seriously. So. Much. Sparkle.


What I Used:

Radioactive Unicorn Hex Your Ex (full coverage holo glitter)
HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)
MoYou London Black Knight (stamping polish)
Bundle Monster & @sloteasy watermarbling stamping plate
Born Pretty Store Clear stamper

So Hex Your Ex is a mega sparkly silver grey holo glitter, that easily builds up to full coverage without needing undies. I used three coats for this mani, and I couldn’t see any bare spots. Also, the glitters are very fine, so although it dries slightly gritty, it doesn’t take half a bottle of topcoat to tame it smooth again.


It’s just so sparkly! I even made a little video to show you the crazy holo shine from this in the sunlight. This is my first ever video, so be nice!

One quick thing to note, I have read that Aimee, the lady behind Radioactive Unicorn, doesn’t like labeling so none of my bottles have a name on them, just the Unicorn logo. I also had a bit of a mix up with my order, and was sent a bottle of pink glitter instead of Hex Your Ex. A quick email sorted things out and I received my replacement very quickly, so I am happy to report customer service is excellent!

Hex Your Ex is £6.99 for 10ml with free UK shipping.

You can find Radioactive Unicorn here:

Radioactive Unicorn – StoreInstagramFacebook.

See you soon!

Jo x

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