#whencolourscollide – Red & Pastel Blue

Hi folks! Over the past 18 months or so that I’ve been blogging, I’ve seen some of my skills increase – stamping and gradients especially. Others not so much – I’ve yet to successfully watermarble, my freehand sucks and a simple dotticure eludes me. I could just stick to what I’m good at, but where’s the fun in that? One thing I’ve never been much good at is putting colours together – not just nails, but clothing and decor too. I just tend to stick to safe combos.  Hopefully, this is about to change! I’ve recently discovered the When Colours Collide Facebook group, every two weeks they issue a challenge featuring a pair or trio of colours which you have to use to create a mani. At the end of the two weeks, everyone’s mani is added to a huge collage, which you can see at the end of this post. This fortnight the prompt is pastel blue and red. A combo I would never have dreamed of putting together!

#whencolourscollide - red & pastel blue

What I used:

Barry M Speedy Pit Stop (pastel blue creme)
Rimmel Hot Gossip (red creme)
Sally Hansen Rock Star (holo glitter)
HK Girl Glisten & Glow (topcoat)
Pueen 114 (stamping plate)
Liquid latex
Clear stamper

I started with two coats of Pit Stop. I’ve found that thickish coats work best, and try to just do the three stroke technique to cover the entire nail otherwise it drags badly. I added a coat of Rock Star for a bit of sparkle, which you can barely see in the pics! I then stamped the red pattern over the top. I’d picked out the most opaque red creme I own and tested it on my Ubermat before doing my nails, so I knew that it would stay red. Finally a coat of G&G to seal it all in.

#whencolourscollide - red & pastel blue

I have to say – I love these! I love the bold pattern, I love the contrast, and just the fact I had something totally different on my nails. I thought the big, swirly pattern particularly suited the colour combo.

Here is the collage of everybody’s work:

When Colours Collide collage

If you’d like to join in with the next challenge, join the When Colours Collide Facebook group!

See you soon,

Jo x

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