Paint The Rainbow box – Feb 2016 pt. 1

Hi! Today I’m showing you some of the gorgeous polishes from this month’s Paint The Rainbow box. For those that don’t know, Paint The Rainbow is the UK’s first fully indie monthly box, devised by the lovely Annette, the lady behind All of the polishes in each box are exclusive editions, created especially for PTR. As such, it’s a fair bit pricier than the other nail boxes around at the moment (nailbox and meebox), this one was £45 plus £1 postage. Follow me after the jump to see what I got!

Paint The Rainbow Feb 2016

When Annette first started posting teaser swatch photos, I immediately fell in love with the Cupcake Polish, swiftly followed by the CbL and Bear Pawlish. At that point I decided I was going to treat myself to an early birthday present! Each months box has a different theme, and this month is famous couples. So each polish is inspired by a famous couple, either real life or fiction.

Since it was the one that made me order the box, I had to try the Cupcake Polish first. This is Sandy & Danny (Grease! Love that film so much!), two coats with topcoat.

Cupcake Polish Sandy & Danny (PTR Feb 2016)

Sandy & Danny is a very dark navy (almost black) with a subtle linear holo. I found this to be quick a thick formula (very nearly a one coater) which dried to a dullish shine. It also didn’t level out as much as I’d have liked. I’ve never tried Cupcake polishes before, so I don’t know if this is usual or not. However, a coat of topcoat sorted everything, and as I never go without it, it’s not a big deal.

Cupcake Polish Sandy & Danny (PTR Feb 2016)

The holo was quite shy for me, and took full sunshine (which lasted all of three seconds) to show it’s rainbow glory. Again, I’ve never used such a dark holo shade before, so I don’t know if this is normal! The holo was very pretty against the dark background though.

Next, we have Colors by Llarowe (CbL) Jack and Rose which I’ve paired with Grace-full Evening Star. Going off the swatches I wasn’t sure if I’d like the Grace-full polish, so I just used it for an accent nail. Having used it though, I thoroughly adore it, and it will have to star in it’s own mani soon!

CbL Jack and Rose (PTR Feb 2016)

Jack and Rose is a raspberry pink linear holo, shown here in two coats plus topcoat. The holo is strong in this one! Even under indoor lighting I can see holo rainbows! My camera unfortunately didn’t get on with this shade, and has pulled it paler and less pink than it should be. I love raspberry shades, so I knew this one would be a winner.

CbL Jack and Rose (PTR Feb 2016)

Jack and Rose applied easily, and was opaque in two coats. I used it to stamp the pattern on my index finger – it really isn’t a stamping polish but worked OK over the paler shade and pulled the mani together. This is my second CbL, and so far I’m really impressed!

Grace-full Evening Star (PTR Feb 2016)

Grace-full Evening Star is a lavender shimmery linear holo, and is utterly beautiful. My shots do not do it justice! This one is a chameleon, depending on how the light hits you’ll see pink, pale purple and a cool pale silvery-blue. Plus of course the holo! My pics show two coats, with topcoat. At first I thought it was quite sheer, but it was perfect on the second coat. Another new-to-me brand, and again I’m impressed!

I’ll be back soon with part 2, featuring Bear Pawlish and Freckles Polish. The last few Paint The Rainbow boxes go on sale on Feb 25th at 10am UK time from so if you want one, you’ll have to be quick!

Until next time,

Jo x

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