Grey and silver

Hi! I’ve done a lot of pink and red nails recently for valentines, and I really wanted something different! So I pulled out a grey polish  (not something I usually go for) and set about playing.

Grey and silver nails

Polishes used:

Unnamed prototype grey creme from CMHandmadeUK
Revlon Coastal Surf (blue stamping)
Barry M Silver Foil (silver stamping)
INM Out The Door (topcoat)

I started with two coats of the grey creme, which went on easily. My first round of stamping was very fine blue zigzags using hēhē005, which were so fine they kind of blended into the grey. They are just about visible in the photos, but not in real life, although it did make the grey polish look bluer.

The second round of stamping also came from hēhē005, and I used Barry M Silver Foil. I haven’t used this for a while, and it’s reminded me how much I love it for stamping. Please bring it back Barry M!

Grey and silver nails

It appears that my hēhē plates are fakes (they have no backing paper), so I will not link where I got them from. Instead, I will leave a link to the only place you can buy authentic hēhē plates:

See you soon!

Jo x

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