Elevation Polish Liquid Swords

Hello! Today I’m showing you another one of my recent Facebook purchases, this time it is from a new-to-me brand, Elevation Polish. Liquid Swords is a blue-leaning pink creme with subtle scattered holo, and a quick Google tells me it is a limited edition for the Holo Hookup collaboration box (never heard of that one before, but it sounds fun!).


Polishes used:

Elevation Polish Liquid Swords
MoYou London White Knight (white stamping polish)
INM Out The Door (topcoat)

Liquid Swords was lovely to use, it applied very easily and levelled nicely. The photos show two coats, which was perfect for coverage but as I found out, did chip quite easily (you can see a bit of tip damage on my index finger, this is less than 24 hours after application). Perhaps three coats would wear better.


And of course, seeing as it’s Valentines day soon, I had to stamp some hearts on it. I used Pueen plate PUEEN27 from their 24E Love Elements set. I’ve found the plates in this set a bit tricky to use – they seem to be etched shallower than other plates I have, and it took some experimenting with scraping pressure before I could pick up the image successfully. A very light hand with the scraper is required! I used White Knight as my stamping polish, my go-to white for stamping.


I did smear my middle finger a bit while topcaoting, oops!

I’m never sure whether these blueish pinks suit my skin tone or not. It’s a very pretty polish though. The holo was quite shy – I never really saw it until I used flash on these pictures. However, it was quite dull here while I was wearing it.

See you soon!

Jo x

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